Welcome to North West Radio Stations

Welcome to the North West Radio Stations site, now over 25 years old (originally launched in September 1997 as “Manchester Radio Stations”). 

The following pages are a guide to some of the radio stations you can receive in the area surrounding Manchester and North West England. The stations are listed in frequency order. Most of the stations can generally be heard with varying quality across the North West of England.

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Latest Site Updates

4 March 2024 – Wrexham Premier Radio added to Wrexham DAB, Happy Radio added to Bolton DAB, Various updates to AM list

26 January 2024 – BritAsia Radio added to Stockport SSDAB and Fun Kids Soundtracks added to NE Wales & West Cheshire DAB

9 January 2024 – Panacea Soul added to Blackpool SSDAB

8 January 2024 – Juice Radio replaces Beat Radio

Memories of North West Radio Stations

Visit the Memories section for old photos and memories of radio stations from the past including BBC Radio Manchester, Piccadilly Radio, Radio City, Red Rose Radio, BBC Radio Lancashire and many more: 

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