The site was opened in 1997 as the Manchester Radio Stations site inspired by the Guide to London Radio Stations site by Paul Baker. It has grown since then in both size and number of visitors. In 2001 the site was relaunched as North West Radio.

I would like to thank the following for their contributions :

FM / AM Sections :

  • James Cridland (Media UK) for the Signal and Century logos and the link to the Scottie McClue Website.

  • Jon Milligan for the Galaxy, Silk and Radio Merseyside logos, as well as some info on Century 105.

  • Liam O’Toole for some of the info about the locally based RSL’s.

  • Paul Vicars for the Radio City and BBC Radio Merseyside logos.

  • EMAP for the Piccadilly logos

  • Gary Burgess for The Wave and Imagine FM logos.

  • Derek Marks for info on Wish FM

  • Vincent Lo (radiofeeds.co.uk) for helping me keep the Listen Live links up to date.

  • Chris Eden for info on Marcher / MFM / Buzz / Coast FM.

Technical Section :

  • BBC Engineering Information

  • Radio Authority

  • John Cooper for details on Dune FM

  • Chris Eden for many of the entries

Memories Section

  • Steve for lots of the early Piccadilly, Radio City, Red Rose and Marcher pictures

  • Mark Kelly for the Piccadilly DJ pictures from the late 90’s

  • Mark Jones for Radio City Pictures

  • David Howarth for the Radio Pictures and Radio Wave material

  • Alan Gale for Piccadilly, Radio City, Red Rose, Marcher, BBC Local and Misc material

  • Richard Dodd for the PDFs on Marcher, Radio City, Red Rose and Piccadilly

Pirate Section

  • Tom Read and many other Alternative Airwaves contributors in the British DX Club